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Dethridge - Content Creator

All Kinds of Games

While I am a variety content creator, I try to focus on new releases and the most immersive games I can find. In between new releases you can find me playing some of my catch up games, which are essentially the best of the best games from the last couple of years. If I had to choose a preferred type of game they would be single player, immersive experiences, such as the Uncharted Series. But, I also really enjoy multiplayer experiences. At the end of the day, I simply love to play video games!

Bringing the Game to You

I am live six days per week Monday through Saturday at 8:00am Eastern. Be sure to drop by the stream, and join our community, The Cast and Crew! A real community leaving a positive footprint with conversation and gaming.

About Me

I've been a full time content creator since 2013 but I have been creating content for much longer. In 2008 I got the first itch to create from watching a YouTube series called 'The Guild'. Soon after I was introduced to channels such as Philip DeFranco. I loved the fun and entertaining side of The Guild but also loved the style and realness of Philly D. I dabbled lightly into YouTube until late 2012 when I discovered Twitch. Very quickly I fell in love with the live streaming format and knew that my place was there. I've never looked back but recently have been getting the itch to produce more content specifically designed for YouTube, and Instagram.


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Check out my gameplay videos and my reviews of the latest games! Be sure to follow me on social media to find out when I will be streaming next.

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